Design 006

Colorway Options:

002 ~ My Favorite Awnings

009 ~ Gulfstream

011 ~ Full of Love

014 ~ Roma

VW Code ~ If Not Now, When? - VTS

  • From Victoria Whitson, enjoy a new collection of your favorite sayings designed as fun, bold graphic codes. QR codes, or Quick Response codes, are universally generated picture squares that can be read by any mobile device. In the VW Codes collection, stitch sweet - and sometimes sassy - sayings using this fun, modern and graphic method. 


    What’s enclosed: A hand painted 13-mesh canvas in curated colorways, size 22 needle complete with stitching example and finishing options.

    What else do I need? Pick out your favorite 2 fibers (1 skein or 1 card of each color) and use only ONE STRAND OF EACH fiber.

    Recommended Fibers: Vineyard Silk, Silk and Ivory, or Planet Earth Pepper Pot. For a little sparkle (who doesn’t want a little shine!), try Glisten or Silk Lame Braid.


    All items are available WHOLESALE / LNS only.

    Let’s Get Personal! Have a special occasion, favorite saying or motto? Contact Victoria at for a custom design. Custom designs require a four (4) piece minimum.

    Contact Victoria Whitson with any questions.