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Thanksgiving Day 2021


From a cheerful and charmed life spent in Pittsburgh and Cat Cay, Bahamas, in addition to a few years in San Diego, I now call Dallas home. Our new family member arrived from Turks & Caicos in early November 2022 and yes, Boo has an instagram page and she is very active on it. @Boo_the_Potcake


My formal education was received in Belleville, Ontario for boarding school at Albert College and then I returned to the US for university at Vassar College. I particularly loved the challenge, fun and friendships made during my four years at Vassar and it's there that I needlepointed my first project, for a boyfriend (how cliche). 

I am currently half way through the Certificate and Diploma program offered by the Royal School of Needlework at Hampton Court Palace, just outside of London. Being ready for the weekly zoom class at 4:00A is just as formidable as the techniques being taught. I'm fortunate to be with the only other two Americans embarking in the program, along with ladies from Japan, Scotland, England and Wales. 

In 2021, Melissa Prince, Diane Bertelson and I organized the Autumn Needlepoint Reunion in Frisco, Texas, which has, now, become the largest wholesale needlework market in North America.

I "ghost" stitch for people who, for various reasons, cannot complete or needlepoint a project. Also, I've stitched and beaded samples for needlepoint canvas designers. 

Most importantly, I strive to grow our needlepoint community and am so excited to welcome the next generation of designers and shop owners into this wonderful world of stitching.

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