Life is and has been a great adventure. I have experienced so much since my youth in Pittsburgh. I attended a co-ed Canadian boarding school, loved my college life at Vassar, started a boutique travel business for professional athletes, lived in Cat Cay, Bahamas with my husband, spent a few years in San Diego and ultimately settled in my father and husband's hometown of Dallas.   


As a creative person, I try to be inventive and look at space and product placement in a manner that is different than most. This characteristic is shown in my needlepoint. I make up stitches, use threads in strange ways, but in the end, it looks interesting and original.


Needlepointing is my passion and I'm stitching everyday. I've even become a professional stitcher to people who love the art, but for various reasons are unable to complete pieces that are precious to them. I love being able to provide this service to people!

My elegant collection of multi use needlepoint accessories debuted at Destination Dallas 2017. With your support, it continues to evolve and is showcased here as the  VW Collection.

When not playing in the needlepoint world, I have been and continue to be full time interior designer. My clients in this world are wonderful, have stunning homes and allow me to contribute my sense of style. I am so grateful to them and their ongoing confidence in me has been a blessing.

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