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From Victoria Whitson, enjoy a new collection of cute sayings designed in fun, bold graphic QR codes. QR codes, or Quick Response codes, are universally generated picture squares that can be read on any mobile device. With VW Codes, stitch sweet - and sometimes sassy - sayings. Collect them. Share them.

It's a new concept!

How does it work? Just download a "QR Reader" app or just point your iphone camera towards the 

VW Code canvas and your message will be transcribed on your mobile device. Sayings might be lengthy, but

the canvas size will maintain a relatively small size. 


Included: A hand-painted canvas in 13 mesh, stitching directions, finishing options and a size 22 needle.

Each Code comes in four colorway options too!

EASY: Pick out your favorite 2 fibers (1 skein or 1 card of each color) to coordinate with your chosen colorway. You will only need 1 strand of each color! Is that good news or what?

Do you have a special occasion, favorite saying or motto?

All custom orders require a four (4) piece minimum.

Contact Victoria at for a custom design.

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