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Out of a need sprang my debut collection of chatelaines. I tell the story of wearing a similar type necklace that broke at Austin Airport. As I scurried around trying to retrieve beads, everywhere, I thought we need a necklace that's double knotted, so if it breaks, it's not a bead debacle.


Each necklaces has a lobster clasp that holds a medallion, stone or some type of stylish ornamentation

PLUS the much loved VW Tool Kit, which is comprised of a threader, mini laying tool and custom thread cutter (perfect for travel). 

Wear it with the tool kit on the plane or at the retreat table

and remove the tool kit for a stylish necklace on an evening out with friends.

These moderately priced pieces are curated with new and repurposed product,

locally sourced in Texas and California.

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